Sale Tradelines

By: Heather Hanks May. 13, 2019

Piggybacking is a quick and easy way to instantly boost your credit. It involves searching for authorized user tradelines for sale and adding them to your account. This ensures that someone else’s credit history shows up on your report. Many banks can do this for you, but you can also go through a professional tradeline company. The benefit of working with a professional company is that they will pair you with buyers who pass background checks. The process can be tricky because there is a lot of misleading information out there. There are also scammers lurking to steal your information.

Selling your tradeline is a good way to help someone out. It can also be a good way to boost your own credit score. If you are in the market to buy or sell a tradeline, then you'll need to work with a professional agency to guarantee your protection. It can be hard to find affordable credit tradelines for sale. Always work with a reputable company to ensure your safety. Selling your tradeline is a great way to make some additional income and add credit history to your report. But it requires some work on your part. All you need to do to get started is to have good credit history. Then find the right company to work with and sell your tradeline. This article serves as your guide to finding the best credit tradelines for sale.

How does Sale Tradelines Work

Piggybacking is a term used to describe the process of adding someone else to your credit account as an authorized user. Doing so means that their credit history will show up on your credit report. This can positively contribute to your credit score. Many people use piggybacking with loved ones or relatives that they trust, but you can also buy credit tradelines for sale. Some people do not have a relative or loved one that they can piggyback with. But you can buy tradelines for sale to help boost your credit score without asking a family member if you don’t have anyone to help. The trick is to look for a reputable company to buy from. Piggybacking has benefits for all parties involved. It works by adding someone to your account as an authorized user and having that person’s credit history show up on your report. This person is not the primary account holder, but they have access to the line of credit. This means they can use it how they want. Authorized users are not responsible for the account if the primary holder defaults on their payment. Because of this, it’s important to only piggyback with someone you trust. You can also go through a professional company who specializes in cheap tradelines sales that can protect your money and personal information.

You don't want to just buy any tradeline you come across. The best tradelines for sale are the ones that you purchase safely from a professional company. Working with a professional tradeline agency means that your information will be secure and protected from identity theft. It also ensures that person you are piggybacking with has good credit and can be useful to you when it comes to building your credit.

Sale Tradelines Safely

Buying tradelines can be risky. Scammers are out there, waiting to take your money and steal your identity. You can navigate around this by purchasing tradelines for sale legally through a trusted company. Professional agencies are designed to help you buy tradelines safety. They screen their members and only allow you to buy tradelines from verified customers with good credit who can benefit you.

On the other hand, a scammer might tell you that you can purchase a CPN to use instead of your social security number when buying tradelines. The idea behind this is that you will have a fresh start when it comes to building credit and there will be no sign of bad history. However, it is illegal to misrepresent your social security number or identity when applying for credit.

Remember that you often get what you pay for. If a tradeline sale is good too good to be true, then it probably is. Our company offers discounts and affordable priced seasoned tradelines for sale to all of our customers. We also guarantee that your identity and personal information is safe and secure when working with us. We connect you two seasoned tradelines from account holders with extensive credit history.

This helps boost your credit score by adding to your own credit history. Even if you do not currently have credit history, taking out a line of credit as an authorized user can help instantly put you on the map. This is because when you buy tradelines, you instantly take on that accounts credit history to generate a credit score. It may otherwise take you as long as six months of making timely payments before you can establish good credit on your own.

Sale Tradelines Process

The sale tradeline process can seem confusing, but we will break it down for you here. When most people buy tradelines, they want a seasoned tradeline or one that is at least two years old. A tradeline is another way of referring to a line of credit or a credit card. If you have a seasoned tradeline with at least two years of credit history and no late payments, then you are a prime candidate for selling your tradeline. This does not mean that you revoke the rights to your credit card. It simply means that you will be adding authorized users to your account so that they can benefit from your good credit behavior.

When you sell your tradeline using a professional company, your information stays safe and secure. The authorized users added to your account won't know anything about you. You will know exactly who they are because you will see their activity show up on your account. Any authorized users added to your account cannot spend all of your money or cancel your credit card. Professional companies act as a gateway between you and your authorized user or the person that buys your tradeline. Selling your tradeline through a professional company means that they will find buyers who clear background checks to prevent fraud. They will collect the money from them and send you the information. Then, you'll add the authorized user to your card and remove them several months later. Most companies will pay you through direct deposit after several months of allowing an authorized user on your account.


The first thing you'll need to do to sell your trade line is to have clean credit history

This means that you should not have any delinquencies within the past year. It also helps if you have a high credit score is this means that your credit history is favorable.


Next, you'll need to find the right tradeline company to sell your account through.

Working with a professional agency is the best way to ensure your safety. They will do background checks on potential buyers so that your identity and money remains safe and secure. Most banks do not buy or sell tradelines, which means that you'll need to go with a professional agency who does. Look for one who performs a LexisNexis background search on all potential buyers.


Once you have picked a tradeline company to go with, you’ll need to choose which credit card you want to sell read lines through.

A professional company should be able to tell you what they pay for each trade line that you sell. It's a good idea to increase the credit limit on your cards to make room for potential income from each tree line that you sell. Keep in mind that you can have more than one authorized user per credit card. This is a good way to increase your potential income. Most agencies will have a limit, but most agencies will tell you that to authorized users per credit card is good. If you have business tradelines for sale or mortgage tradelines for sale, then you should keep these accounts separate.


The tradeline company you go with will help you list your trade line on their website.

Once someone buys your tradeline, you will get an email explaining the process. You won't receive your money for a few months after the authorized user is added to your account. Be sure to follow all instructions in the email provided by your tradeline agency to make sure you receive compensation. You'll need to add the authorized user to the card that you listed as for sale. The credit card company will then send you a new card for the authorized user. You won't have to activate this card.


The next step is to read all instructions in your follow-up email, which will arrive approximately two to three months later.

This email won't inform you how to remove the authorized user from your account. Follow these instructions to remove all authorized users from your accounts. It helps to keep track of all authorized users. Record information that includes when you added them, which card you added them to, and when you remove them from your account. You also want to keep track of when you got paid.


Get paid!

Repeat this process as often as you can to sell your tradelines and make some extra cash.

Benefits of Sale Tradelines

The purpose of selling your tradeline might be to make some extra money. People buy tradelines as an easy way to instantly boost your credit score. A good credit score ensures that they get better loan rates and can help reduce their insurance costs. It's important to note that this process is not the same as if you were to go through a credit repair service. Having a negative item on your credit history report will remain there. However, selling your tradeline to someone in need can help them boost their credit score as long as they are not adding more negative items to their report than they already have.

Here are some benefits of sale tradeline:
  • You'll be helping other people boost their credit score and improve their credit history by selling your tradelines
  • You can make additional income by selling your tradeline through a professional agency that protects and secures your information
  • As the primary account holder, you can see your authorized user’s information and you will know who they are
  • Selling your tradeline through a professional agency means that you will have complete privacy and no one will know who you are
  • Selling tradelines is a good way to motivate you to continue to make good financial behavior in the future so that you can make a profit off your good credit score
  • Selling your tradeline through a professional agency means that only authorized users who pass a background check can buy your tradeline
  • You can ask for a higher credit limit to accommodate the potential income you earn from selling your tradeline
  • Your credit score and credit history can increase by selling tradelines
  • You can get better loan terms and rates when you apply by selling tradelines

Potential Risks of Selling Tradelines

There are several potential risks of selling tradelines that you should be aware of. Many scammers are out there waiting to steal your money and information. To avoid this, it's always recommended that you go with the professional agency who can protect and secure your information. A professional agency will run a LexisNexis background check to ensure that whoever buys your tradeline is trustworthy. They will also guarantee that all authorized users will not know who you are. Authorized users cannot see your personal information when you sell your tradeline through a professional agency. On the other hand, you will know exactly who you are adding to your account. Scammers will try to collect your money in information by selling you a CPN. This is a number that you can use in place of your social security number when applying for credit. The idea behind a CPN is that you can apply for credit with a fresh start to help save money and collect the best rates possible. However, it is illegal to misrepresent your social security number or identity when applying for credit. This is why it's important to use a professional agency only to sell your trailer. Here are some other potential risks of selling tradelines:
  • You are subject to identity theft and having your information stolen if you sell tradelines outside of a professional agency
  • Your information including your credit history and your credit score can be leaked if you do not go through a professional agency
  • Your potential income may vary depending on what agency you go through. It’s always a good idea to discuss how much money your tradeline is worth before selling through an agency. Don’t fall victim to someone who promises you thousands of dollars by selling your tradeline outside of a professional company who conducts background checks.
  • You might be limited as to how many authorized users you can add to your account
  • You may be asked to keep an authorized user on your account longer than you like
  • You do not get paid until after you remove the authorized user from your account
  • You have to manually add the authorized user to your account

Is Selling Tradelines Legal?

Selling tradelines is perfectly legal. In fact, many banks encourage you to sell your tradeline or to participate in piggybacking by adding authorized users to your account. You can see for yourself by visiting your bank's website and searching for the term “authorized user.” You'll learn countless ways to add someone to your account as an authorized user. This is a good way for all parties involved to boost their credit. Although selling tradelines is legal, not many banks participate in piggybacking. Because of this, you’ll need to look for a trusted and reputable tradeline company who can do this for you.

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