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What is piggybacking Credit

Building your credit can be hard, especially if you have never borrowed money before. Piggyback credit is a way to build your credit if you are just starting out. It involves becoming an authorized user on someone else's account. You can piggyback on credit cards to build your credit or establish a credit score if you don’t have one. By using a piggyback credit card, your credit history will be recorded. As long as you and the primary account holder practice good financial behavior, your credit score will go up.

Score boost

You can boost your credit score without taking out a credit card

To your preferences

The primary account holder is responsible for the account, not the authorized user

No account

You do not need to use the account to benefit from becoming an authorized user

Authorized user

You can boost your credit score just by becoming an authorized user

Types of Tradelines

Primary Tradeline

Primary tradeline referred to a credit account in which there is one primary account holder.

Seasoned Tradeline

Buying a seasoned tradeline with 12 years of good credit history is a great idea.When you buy a seasoned tradeline, you gain access to good standing credit history.

Business Tradeline

If you're interested in starting your own business someday, then you'll want to look for business tradeline. This can help you get approved for a small business loan.

Seasoned Primary Tradeline

A seasoned primary tradeline can help make your credit report look better than a season authorized user tradeline. This is because seasoned primary tradelines show several years of credit history.

Sale Tradeline Process

The purpose of selling your tradeline might be to make some extra money. People buy tradelines as an easy way to instantly boost your credit score. A good credit score ensures that they get better loan rates and can help reduce their insurance costs. Here is a step-by-step guide of the sale tradeline process:

  • Clean credit history
  • Right tradeline company
  • Choose credit card
  • Follow instructions
  • Get paid!

The sale tradeline process can seem confusing, but we will break it down for you here:
A tradeline is another way of referring to a line of credit or a credit card. If you have a seasoned tradeline with at least two years of credit history and no late payments, then you are a prime candidate for selling your tradeline. When you sell your tradeline using a professional company, your information stays safe and secure. The authorized users added to your account won't know anything about you.

Is Selling Tradelines Legal?